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    Sprung 3 - Now Online :)

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    Charge performance loop

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    New Charge Edit from the Red Bull Hill Chasers, Marburg, Germany

    (Source: vimeo.com)

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    The Bicycle Academy in 2013  they are expanding and doing great things

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    Charge Bikes week 2 with rapper Mikill Pane

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    sprungvideo.cc presents a remix edit

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    race action from yesterday this is not a blog btw

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    the 1998 film “Sprung 2” Full film now on youtube…

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    Brrrrrooootherrrrrr the man wolf show is in town, MachoTailDrop Film Evening with the “This is Sheffield” gang of wolfs also hosting a ‘ardcore ‘ardtail race from the most original and creative “mates races” crew

    — 2 years ago

    just standing in the crowd checking out the 4X finals in Champery - Switzerland

    After the insane first turn was this inside jump to slick off camber lander, it caught my attention and any riders that tried it were mad and some ended in tears.

    Film and Edit by Alex Rankin - Sprungvideo.cc

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    Peaty and Page from Sprung 2

    Sprung 2 the full film will be along soon

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    More from Jared Graves talking on the uplift of the 4x finals last year, as we get closer to South Africa WC round 1  i would put Graves in the top 10 DH what with all that pedaling

    UPDATE: Graves came in 6th at South Africa  just a fraction from a top5 as well,  good on ya champ.  more accurate predictions from sprungvideo soon enough! betfred here we come

    — 2 years ago
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    This it folks, the big ONE,  Sprung 1 that is! full version 26min, Sprung 2 and the rest will follow soon.

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    4x worlds finals 2011 sprungvideo.cc is now gonna be new stuff as well,  more new stuff on the way

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